Thursday, December 2, 2010

PKNA issue 8 - Angus Tales

As was foretold by last month's Angus News, here comes a brand new segment - Angus Tales, illuminating the past life of everyone's favorite Kiwi reporter.

The back-up stories are a consistent feature in PKNA from this point on, so we're gonna see a lot more of Angus' world.

Original title:
Colonne Infami
Paola Mulazzi
Silvia Ziche

End. Again.

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  1. The head-line on page 9 (slash 78) looked pretty bad when I put it up, so I went back and edited it to look less hideous.

    Oh, and incidentally, this is the 100th update to this site. Which is kinda cool.

  2. Good news! I've decided to continue translating PKNA issue to finnish! Check out the blog: