Sunday, October 31, 2010

PKNA issue 7 - Invasion p. 61-72




Let Disney know that you want to see an official translation of Paperinik New Adventures – here’s how!

Disney has already shown an interest in the characters – Superduck comics are now available in the US, the UK, and Italy through Disney Digicomics! A growing archive of never-before-translated comics are now available. Here’s a brief explanation.


  1. not to sound ungrateful but when is the megaupload link coming?

  2. Well, 'real soon' is a relative term, of course. :P

    For some reason, I'm horrible at remembering to upload the download link. Somehow, the end of the issue always manages to sneak up on me, even though I know exactly when it's going to be a whole month before.

    Uploading it takes about 10 minutes, so I always end up thinking, "Eh, I'll get around to it a little later."

    And sometimes that becomes 'a lot later'. Thanks for reminding me, otherwise it might have been another week before I got around to it.

  3. thanks i prefer reading the issues in one go so i've been waiting for the link for awhile :D

  4. Oh yeah, in that case I suppose it'd make a difference.

    Thus far, I've been sort of treating the download links as an afterthought, but I'll try to keep them more updated.